Well, what is there to say about me? I’m the son of a retired cigarette plant worker from Greensboro,NC. Other tidbits about me.

  • The husband of an amazing and beautiful wife of 19 years.
  • A father of 3 incredible and amazing children.
  • Grandfather of 2 adorable and highly intelligent grandchildren.
  • A MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Warrior since 2006
  • A lover of entrepreneurship and haven’t worked for anyone but myself since 2004

Enough about me though. This website is about the uplifting of my people through economic awareness. The seed was planted by of all things, from an errand that I was running for my wife in January of 2015. During that trip, I had a hard look around and became almost emotional. It was at that moment that I really recognized and noticed what has happened to us as a people. It made such an impact on me at that moment, I shot a video (see below) that is really the foundation for what this is all about. Regardless of what our history has been, one thing I do know…….we have the strength to survive some of the most demonic, purposeful, intentional and destructive attempts to wipe out a people in the history of this planet. However, we’re still here. That means that we have a chance to right this ship before we succumb to this financial genocide. We do have a choice to be The Victim No More.