Black Wealth Bootcamp

Taught by Dr. Boyce Watkins, an internationally-known Finance scholar who was the ONLY African American in the world to earn a PhD in Finance during the year 2002. He was the Wall Street Journal Outstanding Graduating Senior in Finance and graduated with two degrees and a triple major in Finance, Economics and Business Management. He has been featured on CNN over 200 times, plus countless other national media including MSNBC, The Breakfast Club and countless others.  In other words, he’s not just a self-proclaimed “guru” with mysteriously ambiguous credentials. He’s studied finance for 25 years at the highest levels, taught thousands of Financial experts, and was driven to create this class out of his intense love for the African American community. Most importantly, he knows how to explain money in a way that even a five year old can understand it.

What You Will Learn

  • How to fire your boss and get off the corporate plantation.
  • Financial habits you need to let go of right now.
  • Measuring your EEV (Economic Escape Velocity).
  • How people make money on the Internet.
  • How family structure is the key to building generational wealth.
  • How anyone can own a piece of America.
  • How to build your own Black Wall Street.
  • The COST model of Cooperative Economics.


The Black Millionaires of Tomorrow program was developed by Finance professor Dr Boyce Watkins. According to Dr Watkins, the key to black economic empowerment is for us to commit to creating an army of intelligent and empowered young black people, all of whom are armed with an understanding of basic financial literacy, wealth building and cooperative economics.

By signing up for this course, you get full access to all three of the courses in The Black Millionaires of Tomorrow program, including the following:

1) 15 things every black child needs to know about MONEY

2) 15 things every black child needs to know about INVESTING

3) 15 things every black child needs to know about THE STOCK MARKET

This course gives your child access to all three classes, which include 15 lessons with self-study examinations for each module. Purchasing the package all at once allows for a steeply discounted price relative to the cost of buying each course individually.

These courses cover the following concepts, along with many others:

1) The difference between a producer and a consumer

2) The COST model of cooperative economics

3) How to buy your first share of stock

4) What it means to diversify a portfolio

5) The difference between a bull and bear market

6) What is an investment?

7) What is an asset class?

8) What is a mortgage?

9) The difference between good and bad debt

Much, much more.

Taught by America’s leading Financial scholar, Dr Boyce Watkins, the course GUARANTEES that after finishing, your child will have a financial literacy level which exceeds that of the average college student.

Side Note: I encourage parents to sit with their child while they are taking these course. They may have a question or it can serve as a great refresher course for you as well. I sat with my youngest son through these courses and I recommend them.





“The children who understand the basics of wealth-building at an early age are the ones who will dominate the future.” – Dr Boyce Watkins

Want to put your child ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding how money works in America? Don’t rely on failing public schools to teach them what they need to know. The Black Millionaires of Tomorrow Fun Flash Cards will instill the information your child needs to be successful.

This beautiful set of well-designed flash cards contains all of the obvious and not-so-obvious terminology in financial education. Use these as a guide to encourage the genius in your child at any age and skill set. Developed by noted Finance PhD Dr Boyce Watkins, these flash cards allow your child to master basic financial concepts, thus putting them far ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding money in America. Dr Watkins bases these concepts on the material he presented to students over 20 years of teaching at the college level.