Jesse Russell…The Father of Digital Cellular Technology

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jesse-2Could you imagine what our world would look like if cellular phones were not lives? How about being only able to use a “mobile” phone while in the car or having to carry bags just so we can receive or make a call. Thanks to Jesse Russell, we don’t have to be concerned about those issues any longer.

Jesse Russell is “the Father of 2G communications. Few people know that it was Mr. Russell’s patent that made the “mobile” digital cell phone possible! He continues today as a thought leader in the area of wireless communications.

Born April 26, 1948, Jesse Eugene Russell is an African-American inventor and one of the visionaries whose innovative perspectives profoundly influenced the wireless communications industry, the driver of growth in 21st century. Trained as an electrical engineer at Tennessee State University and Stanford University, recognized globally as a thought-leader, technology expert and inventor in the field of wireless communication for over 20 years, Russell has played a major role in shaping the wireless communications industry direction through his visionary leadership and innovative perspectives for standards, technologies as well as innovative new wireless service concepts.

He holds numerous patents and continues to invent and innovate in the emerging area of next generation broadband wireless networks, technologies and services, which is frequently referred to as 4G. Jesse Russell was inducted into the United States’ National Academy of Engineering during the Clinton Administration for his innovative contribution to the field of Wireless Communication.

He pioneered the field of digital cellular communication in the 80s through the use of high power linear amplification and low bit rate voice encoding technologies and received a patent in 1992 (US patent #5,084,869) for his work in the area of digital cellular base station design.

Russell is currently Chairman and CEO of incNETWORKS, Inc. a New Jersey-based Broadband Wireless Communications Company focused on 4th Generation (4G) Broadband Wireless Communications Technologies, Networks and Services.


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