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Kidz Cab: The Uber Like Service For Kids

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Kidz Cab: The Uber Like Service For Kids

Kidz Cab

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As a busy parent with children that are in school and with extra curricular activities, life can be very hectic. With varying schedules and tight deadlines, being the chauffeur can and does get tiring along with the other duties of life. This is where Kidz Cab: The Uber Like Service For Kids steps in. If you live in the Detroit, Michigan area, this service is just for you!

Rising entrepreneur Aireal Taylor, first developed the concept while working on a college assignment. Reflecting on her childhood, she looked at the marketplace and realized that there was a need for this type of service. What she wasn’t expecting was the response and demand for her service once the word got out that this type of service existed. It’s specifically targeted to transport children between the ages 4-16 for after school rides, extra curricular activities and any other destinations that a parent needs.

A unique aspect of the chauffeurs for Kidz Cab is that they are not independent contractors. They are actual employees of the company. Each driver is vetted completely. They undergo a federal background check, identity verification, random drug and alcohol screening. They also use a fleet technology that tracks all of their vehicles in real-time, sends destination alerts to parents, tracks the drivers driving and vehicle idle time on location.

Kidz Cab


The future looks very bright Aireal Taylor and Kidz cab. My vision is to see a sea of Kidz Cabs outside of every school, in the mornings, in the evenings, I just want to be able to offer this service to everyone,” Taylor said. When asked if she had any advice for the new and upcoming entrepreneur……….Plan, Plan, Plan! Take every precaution and make sure you think things out completely. So many times, new entrepreneurs are so excited to get their service or product out to the world, that they skimp on the proper planning. Here is a interview below of Aireal speaking on Kidz Cab. To get more information on Kidz Cab, you can visit their website or you can call Aireal for booking information @ (248) 719-4885



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