Presidential Politics, Economics & Us


Presidential Politics, Economics & Us

Before I deal with Presidential Politics, Economics and Us, allow me to set the tone of this post by quoting one of the greatest scholars our people have known.

“History shows that it does not matter who is in power or what revolutionary forces take over the government, those who have not learned to do for themselves and have to depend solely on others never obtain any more rights or privileges in the end than they had in the beginning.”
― Carter G. Woodson, The Mis-Education Of The Negro


There you have it. I’m very aware of the sacrifices that our people have made when it concerns voting rights. However, I’m sure that if they saw what is going on today, they would definitely advocate a different course of action. This is not so much an indictment on voting (presidential) as it is an indictment on our tradition of expectation of what our vote alone can do. Without getting into all the intricacies of the voting process in our country, please allow me to give a one word assessment of what we have gained in this modern era of presidential politics……….NOTHING! That’s not necessarily a crime because we have been taught that votes alone can actually change our economic position in this country. I mean, if you’re into getting a lot of free stuff (which isn’t really free), then I guess it might be ok. However, one of the keys of being able to always have control over a people is to have them constantly depend on a system you created for their sustenance.


One of the most recent examples of us giving our vote to someone because we thought that they were able to change our course in this country is the election of President Barack Obama. However, if you have any knowledge on how presidential politics work, then you already know how the game is played. Even at the state and local level. Let me break it down this way:

The homosexual lobby has gotten pretty much what they wanted from this presidency. You want to know why? Because they wrote checks.14192610_298504283849815_3582121760830971282_n

Those that lobby on behalf on immigration reform in which Latinos benefit the most has gotten massive action from the president. Let’s take a wild guess how that happened………You’ve got it!!! They wrote checks!

African Americans hoping for access to better jobs, capital and other initiatives that would really help our community paid for their “special interest” how? Wait for it…..Wait for it………..votes. That’s not money!

To give a clear picture as to what I’m expressing here, let Dr. Claude Anderson (Powernomics, Black Labor White Wealth) speak on this………

In conclusion, if we have any shot in correcting this problem we are going to have to do this ourselves. It’s a collective effort of group economics, complete mindset shift and corrected behaviors to make that happen. We should never depend on any one politician or this political system for that matter to help us where we need it the most. No other economic group behaves the way that we do and everyone else takes advantage of that. If you want to go vote, by all means do that. Exercise that right that those before fought so hard to achieve. Let it be an act of honor but don’t allow it to become a highlight to their inadequacies of the time. You have every right to do as such. Just know that you need to balance your expectations. Voting alone will not get done what we need to have done. It’s going to take work with the mindset of doing for ourselves gaining economic power besides the 1.1 trillion dollars that we spend each year mostly outside of our communities. Once we do that, then we can achieve political independence.


Bobby Patterson

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One Comment

    Ronnie Lewis
    May 9, 2016

    We’ve got so much out of order. Even though this post makes things a little uncomfortable, it’s the truth.

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