Steve Harvey Meeting Donald Trump. What Are We Really Mad About?

What’s The Real Problem?

Things that I find interesting……..
Though I don’t agree with everything Steve Harvey says or does, I’m trying to understand why so much vitriol towards the man because he met with Donald Trump? Was it not a few nights ago when President Obama said that we should meet with people that we don’t agree with online? In other words, encourage dialogue to at least hear and try to understand where the other person is coming from? It seems like everybody was “amen” about that but ready to crucify Steve when he actually did it. By the way, the current White House (Obama administration) asked him to do that. So if President Obama asked you to do the same thing, you wouldn’t do it? Hmm……..
Steve Harvey does have a camp that caters to a lot of our youth that don’t have fathers in their life. That’s a re-occurring theme in our community. He’s been doing it for some years now. He does have a syndicated morning radio show that caters primarily to our community. Maybe he’s looked upon as someone that has influence on our community. From an economic standpoint, I would’ve loved to have seen someone like Dr. Claud Anderson or Dr. Boyce Watkins meet with Trump but I digress. We are so quick to call somebody “Uncle Tom”. However, if my memory serves me correct………Uncle Tom was trying to help everybody but it was SAMBO who was the ultimate sell-out. Constantly pointing the finger at his people but yet not really productive in doing anything for them. Hmm……….
What are we really mad at? Hillary not being “chosen”? Get over it!!! You feel as if she got robbed? Where was this anger when the Democratic nomination was clearly stolen from Bernie Sanders? That man was filling up stadiums while Hillary was…………never-mind. Worried about racism but was willing to accept Hillary as your master? When she has documented history along with her husband that proves that they don’t care nothing about us? Reference the 3 Strikes Rule and Haiti. Didn’t she say that Margret Sanger was one of her idols? Some of us have mastered the art of being walking contradictions. Hmm…..
The point is that there are forces behind the scenes that dictate what you are seeing today. The corporation saw fit to put Trump in office for reasons we may not understand right now but it’s happening……..Maybe (we haven’t made to inauguration yet). Events have a tendency to happen in this country to make the masses buy into a “reality” that this matrix creates to advance a particular agenda. This is a corporation but you’re being told it’s a democracy. That was decided by the Act of 1871 (please research it). The corporation has battled bankruptcy in years past but we’re still in the one that was declared in 1933. Maybe that’s why they chose someone that has mastered navigating through and around them? That is why presidents are “selected” and not “elected”. Since when did the owners of a corporation depend on it’s assets to make a decision for them?
In closing, my people……….it’s long overdue but IT’S GO TIME! We have everything within us to survive and thrive no matter who is put in office to be president. We have to make this happen for ourselves because if we don’t, we will not make it. The scripture reminds us that He’s never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging for bread (Psalm 37:25). My question for you is are you counted as His righteous and if so, why live a life begging for bread? Are we willing to be masters of our own fate or do we desire to be mastered because there’s no accountability when depending on someone else? It’s time to visit the man/woman in the mirror.



Bobby Patterson

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    Bob Lee, jr.
    January 16, 2017

    The question involves whether or not this action is feasible, due to what we know about the character of American choice for president.

    Could we really put trust in a comedian and demented brain surgeon to help with the problems facing disenfranchisement, discriminatory killings, and unemployment as well as housings crises?

    So much is wrong with the American public, Obama couldn’t really do but free some of the prisoners overly incarcerated.

    I think it’s a mind game to keep our people pre occupied with visions of equality, that are never possible in a racist society.

    • REPLY
      January 16, 2017

      Point taken. Of course we can’t depend on a comedian or the demented brain surgeon. As I stated in the article, I would much rather have someone like a Dr. Claud Anderson or Dr. Boyce Watkins speak on that subject. However, you know that’s not who they want. My point is that the Obama administration first asked Steve Harvey to talk with Trump and he did. He gets crucified for it shortly after President Obama publicly encouraged such dialogue. Interesting……….

    Bob Lee, jr.
    January 17, 2017

    Oh, didn’t know Obama requested this meeting.

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