Taking Our Place In The Black Beauty Supply Industry

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Taking Our Place In The Black Beauty Supply Industry

Source: blacknews.com

Source: blacknews.com

We’ve seen it time and time again and especially Black women. You’re in need of some hair care products so you decide to go to the beauty supply store on the “ethnic” side of town. You walk in and you see isles upon isles of products. From the latest lacefront wigs, extensions, creams etc…..You also take notice of one blaring reality. Chances are, the store is operated and owned by somebody that doesn’t look like you. As discouraged as you may be, you need the product so once again more of our dollars has left the community. This scenario plays out everyday in this country and the statistics are alarming being that the Black hair care industry yields 15 BILLION dollars every year! You read that right and only 3% of those businesses are owned by a African American. Just look at the numbers below………This is the reason why Taking Our Place In The Black Beauty Supply Industry is imperative.

Source: NewsOne

Source: NewsOne

Are There Any Solutions?

To Taking Our Place In The Black Beauty Supply Industry? The short answer is yes. We can only patronize Black owned beauty supply stores. However, there is no guarantee that one may exist in the area. The other issue is there have to be a willingness to possibly pay more for the product than what you would pay elsewhere because of the lock on the industry that others have……..mainly Asians. I won’t go into all of the details concerning how they got a foothold in the business. I will let the documentary “Black Hair” tell the story below (see below). However, we as a community have some responsibility in this as well because we allowed it to happen. With a lack of understanding and an attitude of apathy, it helped set the atmosphere for what we see today.

Dr. Devin Robinson of the Beauty Supply Institute specializes in opening Black beauty supply stores across the country. Since 2006, he and his team have successfully opened close to 80 supply stores and they continue to build on that momentum.  Dr. Robinson, a beauty supply store owner and economics professor,  was inspired to open the Beauty Supply Institute when he was threatened with a golf club by a Korean owner for shopping too slowly.

The Beauty Supply Institute will host a conference that deals directly with the industry and those that aspire to be owners. The 2-day conference at the Sheraton Atlanta Airport will consist of 1 day of classes that will address the obstacles in the industry and how the attendees can get around them and Day 2 will consist of a tour of trusted distributors’ facilities. To get more information on the conference, go to www.beautysupplyconference.com

Taking Our Place In The Beauty Supply Industry is a must if we are going to bring back any of that 15 Billion dollars back to our communities. As a people, we have to stop only rallying around tragedies and ignoring the economic genocide that is taking place right in our back yards. I believe we can do it and it starts with awareness, education, commitment and massive action. Our Black dollars mean something and it’s time to bring them back home! Check out the Black Hair documentary below………..

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