The Globalist Financial Hijacking of Black Lives Matter

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You Just Can’t Make This Up…….

Black Lives matter

In my previous post, I examined the peculiar yet dangerous stance that the organization Black Lives Matter has taken in not including Black, heterosexual, married or unmarried fathers in it’s vision/movement. That the mindset fosters and continues a spirit of fatherlessness which ultimately leads to serious issues in the children’s lives if not dealt with properly. In my next post, I will dive a little deeper into the subject because this has been an Achilles heel in our community for many years now. If we want true healing, we have to be bold enough to face this within ourselves truthfully.

However, this post is about how the charismatic beginning of a movement to address the killing of our young men and women by the police has now become nothing more than a vehicle with an agenda that has nothing to do with our struggle. I know it doesn’t sound good and it may even sound like a little “hating” (I really despise this word as of late) but believe me that’s not the case here. When I went to the Black Lives Matter website and saw it’s agenda, I was really disappointed. Yes, I know that the foundation was started by 3 Black women with “alternate” lifestyles but I held out hope. How disappointed I was when I saw that men like myself (Black,heterosexual and fathers) were left out of the agenda except to be martyrs for it for more sinister reasons. As stated in the last post  Black Lives Matter professes to articulate the needs and grievances of black people as a whole, the organization deems it vital to go “beyond the narrow nationalism” that “merely” urges black people to “love Black, live Black, and buy Black.” That is, it focuses an added measure of attention on those blacks who, in the past, “have been marginalized within Black liberation movements.” These include, most notably, black “queer and trans,” who “bear a unique burden from a hetero-patriarchal society that disposes of us like garbage and simultaneously fetishizes us and profits off of us”; black “undocumented immigrants” who are “relegated to the shadows” of American society; black “disabled” people who “bear the burden of state-sponsored Darwinian experiments that attempt to squeeze us into boxes of normality defined by white supremacy”; and blacks who self-identify along non-traditional points of the “gender spectrum.”

The Pimping Of A Movement……….

Black Lives Matter

With an agenda such as that, the question has to be asked; who would benefit ultimately from taking Black fathers completely out of the equation? Who would benefit from destroying the Black family from the inside out if you’re no longer were concerned about producing, sustaining and raising young Black men? Who would use someone else’s personal pain to push a bigger agenda? Is it possible that the founders themselves have experienced some form of fatherlessness? Could the pain of loss from the tragic killing of Black men (some of our women too) are being used as currency to ultimately purchase access and eventually control of a movement? To answer those questions, all you have to do is follow the money.

It didn’t take long for me to find out who is really running the show of a movement that’s supposed to be ran by Black folks for Black folks but owned by………wait for it………………White Global elitist!!! Let’s go down memory lane. Name me just one genuine movement for us that once rich White folks money got involved, it either changed course completely or eventually neutralized and faded away?

Black Lives Matter may have been founded by us but it requires funding. The national scope of Black Lives Matter requires an infrastructure, which includes regular communication among activists. Who pays for their phone calls, faxes, iPhones, and internet? How can these activists do all that if they also work at a regular job? If they don’t have a regular job, who is paying for their food and lodging and transportation?

The answer: Several groups but I will just focus on one………….

Democracy Alliance

Kenneth Vogel and Sarah Wheaton report for Politico, Nov. 13, 2015:

“Some of the biggest donors on the left plan to meet behind closed doors next week in Washington with leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement and their allies to discuss funding the burgeoning protest movement … at the annual winter gathering of the Democracy Alliance major liberal donor club, which runs from Tuesday evening through Saturday morning and is expected to draw Democratic financial heavyweights….”

The DA, as the club is known in Democratic circles, is recommending its donors step up check writing to a handful of endorsed groups that have supported the Black Lives Matter movement. And the club and some of its members also are considering ways to funnel support directly to scrappier local groups that have utilized confrontational tactics to inject their grievances into the political debate.”

According to Politico, “Democracy Alliance was created in 2005 by a handful of major donors, including billionaire financier George Soros (evil doesn’t even describe this man) and Taco Bell heir Rob McKay to build a permanent infrastructure to advance liberal ideas and causes. Donors are required to donate at least $200,000 a year to recommended groups, and their combined donations to those groups now total more than $500 million. Endorsed beneficiaries include the Center for American Progress think tank, the liberal attack dog Media Matters and the Democratic data firm Catalist, though members also give heavily to Democratic politicians and super PACs….”

Here are some of the members of Democracy Alliance (DA) (Sources: Politico,SourceWatch,DC Clothesline):

  • Rob Stein: founder of Democracy Alliance and former Clinton Treasury official.
  • Gara LaMarche: President of Democracy Alliance; former VP director of U.S. programs for Soros’ Open Society Institute; now columnist for HuffingtonPost; lives in New York City.
  • Billionaire George Soros, whose funding of Black Lives Matter protests is well-documented by FOTM. See:
  • Rob McKay: DA Chairman; heir to Taco Bell fortune. His father, Robert McKay, Sr., was the politically-conservative president of the Taco Bell food franchise who, in 1978, sold his 10% share to PepsiCo, Inc. for an estimated $13 million. (Source)
  • Norman Lear, TV producer of sit-coms like All in the Family.
  • Rob “meathead” Reiner, actor and director.
  • Drummond Pike, founder of Tides Foundation and many other donor foundations and groups. In 2008, Pike anonymously donated $1 million to the criminal syndicate ACORN, after Dale Rathke, the brother of ACORN’s founder Wade Rathke, was found to have embezzled $948,607.50 from ACORN and affiliated organizations. ACORN had also previously received funding from Pikes’ Tides Foundation. (Source)
  • Anna Burger: former executive VP of Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the members of which like to beat up opponents; appointed by Obama to thePresident’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board in 2009. (Source)
  • Anne Bartley: stepdaughter of Winthrop Rockefeller; niece of Laurance Rockefeller; former president of Rockefeller Family Fund.
  • Tom Steyer: Californian hedge fund manager; fundraiser for and environmental advisor to Obama; worth $1.6 billion. (Source)
  • Paul Egerman: co-founder of IDX Systems, a healthcare software tech company that was acquired by General Electric; now co-chairman and co-CEO of eScription, Inc., aMassachusetts company that provides software to healthcare enterprises. (Source)
  • Husband-and-wife Steve Phillips and Susan Sandler: Steve Phillips is former president of the San Francisco Board of Education; co-founder of PowerPAC+ that conducted the largest independent voter mobilization efforts to elect Barack Obama.Susan Sandler is the daughter of billionaires Herbert and Marion Sandler — the couple who ran World Savings Bank and were notorious players in the 2008 financial crisis. Susan has ties to George Soros and gave millions to ACORN back in its heyday.
  • Leah Hunt-Hendrix: granddaughter of Texas oil tycoon H.L. Hunt; heir to the Hunt fortune; participant in the Occupy Wall Street movement; leader of a coalition of mostly young donors called Solidaire that’s donated more than $200,000 to the BLM movement; lives in San Francisco.
 Below are their pictures. These are the millionaires/billionaires, all “white” except for one (Steve Phillips), who are funding the Black Lives Matter movement.
Rob Stein, Gary LaMarche, George Soros
Rob McKay, Norman Lear, Rob Reiner
Drummond Pike, Anna Burger, Anne Bartley
Tom Steyer, Paul Egerman
Steve Phillips, Susan Sandler, Leah Hunt-Hendrix
From operating expenses to living quarters (yes, one of the faces of Black Lives Matter lives in a home provided by one of the wealthy donors), this is not what you want to see if the organization is about the upliftment of our people. Once you start talking millions of dollars, the game definitely changes to all kinds of private concessions that were never intended at the beginning. They have their own goals and it just so happened that the leaders of Black Lives Matter fit perfectly within their narrative. These organizations that have millions of dollars at their disposal is all about social engineering to affect change within society. None of that change has us in their better interest and the ultimate goal is to create a massive welfare state to keep people dependent on a system or in other words CONTROL. Just give it a little while longer and the Bigger agenda for Black Lives Matter will be known and the masses that support it will be neutralized. It’s not like this hasn’t happened before where we thought that an organization was all about our equality,equity and empowerment; only to find out otherwise…………
Remember this; whatever you compromise yourself to gain….you will soon lose. It’s just a matter of time before all is exposed and the reset button will have to be hit again. This is a wake up call for us to individually be accountable and start rebuilding the one thing that will be the biggest threat to racism/white supremacy and will really place the foundation that we need economically as well. They are afraid of something so simple yet so powerful. The system is really afraid of this order coming back to us on a massive scale. When it does, and it will; the biggest revolution on this planet will take place. They are not ready for THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!………………………..
Black Men
black father
black family 3
Get it? Got it? Good…………..

Much Love & Honor,

Bobby Patterson

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