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Welcome To The Trap KitchenLA

We can either make excuses or we can become successful but we can’t do both. That’s the decision that two former rival gang members from South LA. made when the business idea for Trap KitchenLA came to life. Malachi “Spankihanas” Jenkins got his start in Las Vegas when he became a personal chef for several pimps in the area. “I started cooking for them after I dropped out of Le Cordon Bleu; they love rich pastas like shrimp and chicken Alfredo and dishes like that.” His business partner Roberto Arturo Smith and Jenkins got tired of the hustle of the drug game and gang life. So they made a decision to instead of slinging dope and hanging out, they were going to sling food. Since that time, it has been nothing but a success story. Their popularity skyrocketed when Malachi started posting pictures of the creations made in the their kitchen and the orders started coming in.

Since that time, Trap KitchenLA catered for a lot of artists in the past. Snoop Dogg, The Game, Tyrese, Reverend Run, D’Angelo, Lil’ Derk, and a bunch more. When asked about the inspiration behind some of their dishes, Jenkins responds, “I’m just a brotha who loves food and trying new food.” He does admit to getting inspired by watching Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmern, and Guy Fieri on TV, and his favorite spots in Los Angeles include Versailles, Bossa Nova, and R & R’s Soul Food. “I like simple, homey, comfort food. I ain’t a Benihana’s type of dude where they play with your food in front of you.”

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As a way to pay it forward, Trap KitchenLA employs others that want out the gang life by putting them to work in the kitchen. Also, in the unlikely event that they may have some food left over after doing a day’s business, they give the food away to those less fortunate.

After nearly a year of business, Jenkins and Smith were making enough money to support their families. (Jenkins has a 2 year old and Smith has five kids.) In the near future, Trap KitchenLA hopes to open up as a brick-and-mortar restaurant for their customers to come in and leisurely lounge while eating their soulful dishes. To follow Trap KitchenLA on Instagram….go HERE


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